Parents Corner

Weekly Activity Calendar for Baby  – Share developmental games and activities regularly with your newborn, starting a few minutes a day. You’ll help baby from the start to reach full potential – and bond with you.  Our calendar will help track your baby’s milestones by suggesting weekly activities appropriate for your baby’s age up to 24 months.  All you have to do is enter your baby’s birthday!

Supporting You and Your Premie  – Developmental Milestone Guidelines for Premature Babies

100 Day Kit – Autism Speaks  This is an amazing resource for all families with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, regardless of how long they have had the diagnosis.  It is very informative for anyone who may suspect their child has an autism spectrum disorder.

“Act Like a Success, Taking the Lid off the Jar” – Steve Harvey, talk show host of the “Steve Harvey Show”, talks about “taking the lid off the jar,” as a metaphor for understanding that we are all destined to be great and that our environment should never restrict us from dreaming big.

“Don’t Text While Parenting” – Time Magazine article.  “It’s hard to avoid the lure of the smartphone— so many apps! — and if you’re a parent with rambunctious kids, you may not want to. But a fascinating study of the dynamic between parents, kids and smartphones paints a sobering picture of what the devices are doing to the parent-child relationship.” 

Affordable Kids Wheelchair – Student engineers from BYU have created a lightweight and affordable wheelchair for children that can be assembled at home.